50% Entire Library of Classes! ($325 Value)

This package includes all 5 of my current class series! You will have unlimited access to all these classes indefinitely through our video library for working out on your time.

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This package includes all 5 of my current class series! You will have unlimited access to all these classes indefinitely. They include:

Core Values:

Core Values is a whole body-based approach that is designed to give you the information and tools to build your strength from the inside out. In this 6 week series, we will work to improve movement patterns, alignment, and strength to create a functional core that will support you so you can move confidently through life. Who is This Series For? Recently Postpartum (as early as 4 weeks) People dealing with prolapse People dealing with diastasis recti Chronic pain sufferers Athletes who want to improve strength and endurance ANYONE who wants a better understanding of their body and how to improve its function Equipment Needed:

– Large Fitness Ball

– Foam Roller

– Resistance Band

– Broom Stick

– Flat Party Balloon (like the kind you blow up at kids bday party)

Pilates for Beginners:

Have you been wanting to try Pilates but feel intimidated or worried you won’t be able to keep up? This series was made for you! Are you someone that has been at it for awhile? Guess what?. .sometimes the review of the basics can help us deepen our practice!! In this 6-week series we will focus on the basic principles that will ease you into Pilates. We will also walk thru a number of modification options for common exercises you will come across in a Pilates class. This series will help you build a foundation to build off of so you can feel more confident entering a group class setting.  Equipment Needed:

– Mat

– Resistance Band

– Broom Stick

– 10″ Pilates Ball (find on amazon here.)

Pilates for Better Posture:

Do you feel your posture needs a little help? Maybe you are stuck behind a desk for most of the day or feel stiff and stuck by the end of the day. This series is here to help! Did you know the biggest contributor to your posture is movement? Or lack there of… Our body craves a variety of movement! Our posture often gets set in a particular position because we spend too much time in one motion or pose. Let’s work on mixing up our movement patterns to improve our posture! Equipment Needed:

– 35″ Foam Roller (avoid super hard one)

– Light/Medium Resistance Band

Pilates for Hip Health:

Hip surgeries are on the rise, especially for women in there thirties and forties. This is happening for a number of reasons. One of them is women are more involved in impact sports and another is that surgery has come along way so people are opting to do it at a younger age. I am one of those people. This series will include the very same exercises I use to prepare and recover from my arthroscopic hip surgery eight months ago. Whether you are experiencing symptoms or not you will find benefits in this series! Having strong and healthy hips is vital to keeping your body functioning for as long as possible. Equipment Needed:

– Resistance Band

– Fitness Ball

– Fitness Sliders (you can use a paper plate)

Rock & Foam Roll:

Spend your time sitting at a desk most the day? Foam rolling might be exactly what you’re looking for! In this series we will work on posture, stability, mobility, and strength. This 6 Class series will utilize the foam roller and resistance band to help you release tension, build strength, improve your posture, and stability. Equipment Needed:

– 36″ Foam Roller (recommend starting with softer one)

– Light/Medium Resistance Band

– Loop Band (Optional)

– Tennis ball, lacrosse ball, or something similar

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