BOGO Core Values & Rock and Foam Roll
6 class series (deal ends 12/25)

This package includes access to all 12 work out sessions, 6 from each of the series! You will have unlimited access to these classes indefinitely through our video library for working out on your time.

Price: $65

This package includes two 6 class series. You will have unlimited access to your classes forever!

Core Values:

Core Values is a whole body-based approach that is designed to give you the information and tools to build your strength from the inside out. In this 6 week series, we will work to improve movement patterns, alignment, and strength to create a functional core that will support you so you can move confidently through life. Who is This Series For? Recently Postpartum (as early as 4 weeks) People dealing with prolapse People dealing with diastasis recti Chronic pain sufferers Athletes who want to improve strength and endurance ANYONE who wants a better understanding of their body and how to improve its function Equipment Needed:

– Large Fitness Ball

– Foam Roller

– Resistance Band

– Broom Stick

– Flat Party Balloon (like the kind you blow up at kids bday party)

Rock & Foam Roll:

Spend your time sitting at a desk most the day? Foam rolling might be exactly what you’re looking for! In this series we will work on posture, stability, mobility, and strength. This 6 Class series will utilize the foam roller and resistance band to help you release tension, build strength, improve your posture, and stability. Equipment Needed:

– 36″ Foam Roller (recommend starting with softer one)

– Light/Medium Resistance Band

– Loop Band (Optional)

– Tennis ball, lacrosse ball, or something similar

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