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For your convenience, the Good Movement offers LIVE 6 -week specialized classes from the comfort of your home. Option to do LIVE or on your own time for 6-weeks.

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New to Pilates?? I got you!

Have you been wanting to try Pilates but feel intimidated or worried you won’t be able to keep up? This series was made for you!
Maybe you’re someone that has been at it for awhile? Guess what?.. sometimes the review of the basics can help us deepen our practice!! 

In this 6-week series we will focus on the basic principles that will ease you into Pilates.  This series will help you build a foundation to build off of so you can feel more confident. 

Class begins: Tuesday, October 26th

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Want Cardio that is Gentle on Your Joints??

Are you looking to improve your cardio & endurance without having to to burpees and jump squats? Maybe your joints can’t manage the high impact it once did? This class series is perfect for you! In this 6-week series we will be working on getting our heart rate up with out high impact exercises. Believe it or not low impact high intensity moves can offer the same benefits as high impact but save your joints in the process.

 Date: Begins Tuesday, December 7th

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