What is Your Rib Cage Angle Telling You??



dealing with prolapse or diastasis or just struggling with core control?? your ribcage might be telling you something!

I know your mind is about to be blown!! What the heck could your ribcage possibly have to do with your core, prolapse symptoms, or diastasis recti?? I am talking about your infrasternal angle (ISA). This is the angle that your ribs lower ribs create as they attach to the sternum. The size of your infrasternal angle is influenced by your breathing. And, as you know, how you breathe is tied to your diaphragm function (or dysfunction).


First, let’s talk about how to measure it. Watch this quick video to learn how to measure your ISA.


What if your ISA is wider than 90º ?? The diaphragm is more flattened because the ribs cage is wider at its base. With this wider base of the ribs, all the abdominal muscles–are lengthened (AKA stretched) because their attachment points on the base of the rib cage are farther apart. This will play a part in how you heal your diastasis recti. In order to work on healing the DR we need to correct the structure that is pulling the linea alba wider.  This lengthening in the abdominals & linea alba makes them less effective at generating tension which is needed for good intra-abdominal pressure which is needed for DR healing.

What if your ISA is narrower than 90 degrees?? This likely means you are an upper ab gripper (aka external obliques). By always gripping with the upper abs you will likely struggle to get a deep breath into your ribs. This deep breath with expansion into ribs is necessary for the full function of your pelvic floor & core system. If your ribs are “tight” your breath might be going up into your shoulders on the inhale or going down into your belly which puts a great deal of pressure on your pelvic floor. This overtime can lead to prolapse symptoms or PF dysfunction. 

What if one side is narrow and the other is wide? This might present very slightly on everyone as the body is not entirely symmetrical. Our heart is on the left and your liver is on the right side. But if it is very noticeable this likely has to do with your everyday movement patterns. If you are a mom, do you carry your child by cocking your hip out to the side? Practice that stance in the mirror and see what the does for your shoulder, rib, and hip alignment. Chances are you will see how that is making you less symmetrical. Work on distributing weight more evenly as you carry them and when you get tired put them down or have your partner take over.


So you have measured your ISA and identified you fall into one of the above categories.. NOW WHAT??

We need to work on getting your breathing patterns, movement patterns, and alignment to support your core. We need to work from the inside out. That’s exactly what my CORE VALUES series does. 


CORE VALUES is a whole body-based approach that is designed to give you the information and tools to build your strength from the inside out. In this 6 week series, we will work to improve movement patterns, alignment, and strength to create a functional core that will support you so you can move confidently through life.

Who is This Series For?

  • Recently Postpartum (as early as 4 weeks)

  • People dealing with prolapse

  • People dealing with diastasis recti

  • Chronic pain sufferers

  • Athletes who want to improve strength and endurance

  • ANYONE who wants a better understanding of their body and how to improve its function

What Does “Core Values” Include?

  • 6 weekly live virtual sessions  (live session on Thursdays @ 11AM EST)

    • 45 min of instruction, 15 min Q&A

    • Recording will be sent out after if you can’t make it live (available for 1 week)

  • Weekly homework that includes descriptive videos

  • Office hours support if you have questions

  • Facebook support group with other members



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